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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Alannah Egan
On the road
My instructor was fantastic from day 1. She understood my needs and tailored every lesson to suit me. She made the process enjoyable by making me feel completely at ease. The online resources were fantastic! Really useful to reflect on in between and prior to my lessons. A helpful reference point. Trish says: a well-deserved pass Alannah. I love that you made up a new test route but did so safely - a fine example!

Lottie NaylorLottie Naylor
Passed first time
Great teacher, passed first time, had a lot of patience for me. Trish replies: thanks Lottie, although I don't think you needed a lot of patience! Great result. Stay safe, enjoy driving.

India HarringtonIndia Harrington
Ready for new beginnings
Trish is a fab driving instructor. She is patient, clear and encouraging. Plus the additional lessons and videos online were a great help in between lessons. I'd recommend Trish to any learner! Trish says: Good luck with your new life and with traffic in Brighton! Keep up the conscientious and safe approach you brought to learning to drive.

Jordan LawryJordan Lawry
Passed first time
I feel that Trish was great. She had given me resources, great feedback after every lesson and told me how to improve. Also she has a good laugh with you which makes it good fun.

Very helpful with advice and ways to overcome your problems. Easy going. Would recommend to anyone. Trish replies: You were a bit unlucky not to pass first time but, as you rightly said later, the extra thought you put in as a result has probably made you a better driver. Well done and keep up the self-analysis. (And I'm sure you'll have your trailer licence before long!)

First time pass
My learning experience with Trish was a very positive one. She was very clam throughout and I felt relaxed from the offset. I began with a basic understanding (having already passed theory independently) and was amazed at my progress - all at my own pace. Trish was especially brilliant in stressful situations - never shouting, just gently pulling over, assessing the situation and reminding me of what to do. Although I did not purchase a workbook, I found it very useful and affirming to track my progress and to see what I had left to learn. The online videos were also helpful to familiarise myself with lesson plans beforehand so I had an idea of what would happen.

I was very anxious about my test but Trish gave me the support and confidence I needed and I passed first time after 16 hours of lessons, 7 weeks after my first lesson. I would certainly recommend Trish to anyone learning to drive. Trish replies: You did a great job of holding your nerve in the test! You had a very thoughtful approach to driving, which helped you a lot and which will stand you in good stead. Your family deserves praise too, as you had a head start and the practice you had in between lessons really accelerated your progress.

Out and about
Thank you so much for all of your help. It has really changed my life. Trish replies: It was really cool to see you driving with your children the day after your test! You have a great attitude that will help you to stay safe.

Chamonix Newsam
Road trip in prospect
Trish is an exceptional driving instructor who works in a calm and positive manner, enabling the student to progress confidently. I was very nervous about learning to drive however Trish was very patient and reassuring, which helped me to learn whilst being given positive appraisal where needed. Thus increasing my confidence in driving, therefore I looked forward to lessons as it became something I enjoyed. The LD system (with workbook and DVDs) further reinforced the lessons and conduct learnt so that I could not only learn with Trish but at home too! Which reduced the need to repeat things because I had the extra material at my disposal with this course. Overall I would recommend this system to anyone especially if you are a new driver as it gives you full support at home and with the instructor. Trish made the experience comfortable and enjoyable: would highly recommend! Trish replies: You came to every lesson really well-prepared (and with some searching questions!) and that helped your progress enormously. I am confident you will continue to be a thoughtful driver! Hope the road trip you are planning is a memorable adventure.

Passed first time
Trish was an amazing instructor. Kind, calm and patient - everything a slightly nervous driving student could ask for. You can tell she really thinks about how to help her students improve - she texts you in her own time after the lesson with thoughts and pointers. Trish goes above and beyond! The workbooks are really useful and ticking off at the end really helped me feel like I was making progress. In short, Trish was an unbelievably lovely, capable instructor that I would recommend to anyone! Trish replies: You really put a lot of thought into your learning both during and between lessons (you devised some clever "sofa practice"!) and this paid off for you. A well-deserved pass. Good luck and stay safe!